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The aim of our project is to connect young people at the age of 12 – 16 of different parts of Europe and occupy them with debate activities to learn how to argue for/against global problems, to talk about topical  issues, to make good public presentations and to spread their knowledge to become global citizens.

While debating they improve their speaking and listening skills in the classroom. The cornerstone of the classroom debate is the ability of students to present their point of view and to convince their classmates of these views. We want our students – critical minds – to develop and improve their speaking techniques, critical thinking and teamwork skills by using different debate formats (like for example Karl Popper Debate Format, Role-Play Format, Impromptu Format, etc.). Therefore, our project is called “CRIMSON through Debate to become global Citizens”. CRIMSON stands for – Critical, Reliable, Innovative, Mindful Students who are Organised Noticeably to debate about challenging problem areas.

By implementing the development of debate activities in school plans in non-debate schools as well as in debate focused schools, they will be able to develop their personal potentials to actively approach topical issues in our society. Practising debating during lessons, debate clubs, national and international tournaments is essential for students, but they should also have the opportunity to face European global citizen perspective as well as non-European perspective.

The main motivation is to connect students and educators from various educational and social backgrounds in order to create a platform for networking. This will allow exchange of good practises, blended learning during the project as well as creation of sustainable connections among teachers and students afterwards.

Coordinator school: OŠ Franceta Prešerna, Maribor (SLOVENIJA)

France Prešeren Elementary School Maribor was established by a decree of the Municipality of Maribor
on July 23, 1997