2nd CRIMSON HUB ONLINE was carried out on Wednesday, 1 January 2021.  The hub, which was hosted by Slovenians, was attended by 26 students and 7 teachers from all partner schools – SRB, TR, GR & SLO. Ms Biljana Višnjić was moderating this online debate meeting. A technical support was given by Mrs Marjetka Bunford Selinšek. The rest of the teachers were responsible for supporting students through the rounds as well as leading them through the sessions.


Students were dealing with various debate activities during rounds.


Firstly, they started with an introduction of a case of arguments which were supported and justified. They rebutted the opponents’ arguments on a debate resolution called “PEER PRESSURE HAS NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON CHILDREN”.


Secondly, the groups were mixed and the students were asked to prepare a case of arguments on an impromptu debate resolution named “TH believes that being an adult is easier than a teenager”.


Thirdly, students presented traditions, celebrations and customs of partner countries. Therefore, our meeting has got a hint of culture as well.


In an open discussion, students introduced the customs they remembered publicly.


You can see a pile of pictures from children and teachers participating in several activities in their breakout rooms.