At the 3rd CRIMSON HUB ONLINE, which took place on Tuesday, 9 March 2021, 12 debate teams – to be precise 36 students and 9 teachers of four partner schools – SRB, TR, GR & SLO were hosted at the France Prešeren Primary School situated in Maribor.

Slovenians, who were the hosts, organized this online debate in association with ZIP, Za in proti, Zavod za kulturo dialoga. 


Students and teachers have acquainted themselves with various debate techniques and Karel Popper debate format rules for six months. The 3rd Crimson Hub Online offered them an excellent opportunity to show their skills in Karel Popper debate format.


A debate motion was called This House believes that better Grades ensure a bright Future.


All debate teams performed well, but 4 teams really stood out. 

The first place was taken by the Slovenian team called The Golden Trio

Two Serbian teams – Debaters N’ Roses & Francika’s Talking Heads shared the second place. 

The Slovenian team called Slovenia – The big Brain Society occupied the third place.


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